The PRIMES is a collection of “eureka” moments experienced by teams driving major change initiatives. They were revealed at some of the largest organizations in the world – the U.S. government, The World Bank and Toyota for starters - but quickly became recognized by Chris McGoff and his colleagues as universally present wherever people get together in groups. The “ah-ha’s!” in this book began as sketches on scraps of paper or the backs of cocktail napkins, usually discovered at times of desperation to help the change agents climb out of a conceptual hole and drive transformation forward. They worked then, and they’ll work for you now.


Distilled down to their essence, in readable and entertaining form, The PRIMES is a field manual for anyone ready to step up to serious challenges, predict and manage inevitable problems, create a brighter future, and produce extraordinary results.




A Field Manual For Universe Denters

 encapsulates essential insights into the universal human relations that show up when people get together to change or transform the way their world – or the world – works.

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Solve Any Problem. Achieve The Extraordinary.

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In The PRIMES, Chris McGoff shares 46 bite-sized chunks of solid wisdom and proven expertise. Have him share how The PRIMES can solve problems and bring transformation to your organization.


A business leader, founder of The Clearing and international consultant with over 30 years of experience as a strategic planner, business solver, and change agent, Chris advises leaders of organizations and coalitions on how to drive to outcomes in uncertain times.


An author and popular speaker, Chris speaks on “Quad4: Realm of Your Highest Impact and Highest Risk,” “Leading Powerfully in Uncertain Times,” and “Building Intentional Culture.”


Have Chris share with your organization how to put The PRIMES to work to solve your most challenging problems.

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Endorsements from Government, Corporate and Academic Leaders


"I started working with Chris in my former position as the Administrator for E-Government and IT at the Office of Management and Budget, at which time the U.S. was ranked 36th in the world for providing web-based government services to its citizens. Using many of The PRIMES, we became a powerful, high performance team, building a team of over 2000 leaders in the public sector using e-government initiatives to drive a citizen-centered focus for government. The outcome: The U.S. ascended to first in the world in its delivery of federal services to taxpayers, business, and other nations." 

- Mark Forman, First U.S. Administrator for E-government and Information Technology Office of Management and Budget


"The PRIMES are powerful guidelines for making a big difference anywhere, in any way, any time… I will be referring to the book for years.  The clarity and simplicity of the Primes make them comprehensible and uncomplicated to apply in any situation. The concepts and values offer a path to insight on a foundation of respect for every individual and the limitless potential of teams." 

 Mindy Goodfriend, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Board of Directors, Women President’s Organization



“If you want to truly transform your business and personal life to a new level, read and live The PRIMES.  Chris McGoff is not simply ‘denting the universe’; he is opening us up to an altogether new dimension.”

 – Nick Deluliis, Chief Operating Officer, Consol Energy, Inc.



“I have tried and tested the wisdom of The PRIMES, with phenomenal results, and highly recommend it for one and all!”

– Lisa Kimbo, CEO, LiveWell Clinics, Kenya



“All I can say is give me another chance at transforming an organization. Chris would be with me in spirit through the tattered pages of The PRIMES that I would read and reread as my roadmap!  Anyone who has ever solved a problem on a napkin will love this book; it is how many problems are solved.”

– Mo McGowan, Former Assistant Administrator for Security Operations, Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security



“In The PRIMES, Chris McGoff has distilled a wealth of knowledge into concise, key principles that will not just transform your business or organization; they will transform your life.” 

– Larry Danner, Head of School, Washington Christian Academy, Educational Consultant



The PRIMES is a user’s guide for taking on challenging transformations…I have seen firsthand how the fundamental truths outlined in The PRIMES can make the impossible, possible.  Read The PRIMES…to look at difficult and complicated challenges through a different lens.” 

– Major General Craig Bambrough (U.S. Army, Retired)




Reader Reviews


Now using the LEVELS OF PERSPECTIVE PRIME throughout our 100 person staff in Tokyo while working on our school improvement and accreditation review. Powerful point of reference that our multi-lingual/cultural staff easily understands (in Tokyo), and I am getting regular reports of people saying things like "I need to get the helicopter perspective on this" in their daily interactions. Thank you! 

- Brian Vander Haak, Headmaster of the Christian Academy in Japan


The PRIMES featured at TEDx Rockcreek