A Clearing

Create spaces where possibilities exist.

Our lives have become cluttered and crowded. Buzzers, beeps, squirrels, and shiny objects are increasingly interrupting us with attention requests. A CLEARING is an empty space (physical, mental, and or spiritual) intentionally created for a specific purpose. In this emptiness, we can bring what is essential to cause the outcome the CLEARING was set up for. Once you are in A CLEARING you are free of all that distracts you from the specific matter at hand. All you bring to A CLEARING is what you deem as essential and unique to achieving a specific outcome.


Groups that create A CLEARING for themselves are experts at eliminating distractions. This means small meetings with the fewest, most important members cut off from outside distractions.


A CLEARING allows groups to maximize their ability to solve problems. Without A CLEARING, groups are liable to get distracted, allowing for non-value added activity to occur.