Outfitting Sessions

The PRIMES provide intuitive and easily applied insights into the human dynamics guiding effective collaboration and decision-making. Over several decades, our consultants have collected and inventoried The PRIMES as we stood with senior leaders, helping them succeed with large-scale transformation and change initiatives.

Every leader has felt the effect of these patterns throughout their careers, but our research shows that few leaders have the time or resources to recognize, anticipate, and manage them. Unmanaged, The PRIMES will put any leadership agenda at risk. Master them and The PRIMES become a force that drives date-certain, intended outcomes.

The PRIMES sessions outfit leaders to operate powerfully in ambiguity, align fragmented stakeholders, and design valuable strategies that work.

Register today to master The PRIMES, so you can:

  • Drive Strategic Results
  • Lead from Strength
  • Establish Strategic Intent
  • Enroll Stakeholders
  • Maintain Focus and Cohesion

In addition to personal leadership development, participants are outfitted with models of how to structure their staffs’ activities, roles, and responsibilities to ensure success. Moreover, they learn how to capitalize on critical change or transformation efforts during times of diminishing discretionary resources.

Download the Executive Outfitting Seminars PDF

These interactive and engaging 1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 day sessions can also be tailored to your specific needs and challenges.   Work with our consultants at The Clearing to customize a PRIMES Outfitting Session for your team!

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