Don’t let a situation control your way of being.

Change Agents often encounter turbulence and resistance when pushing transformation with clients. These emotions are amplified when deadlines need to be met and reputations are on the line. In these tense situations, people often allow the daunting circumstances to dictate their emotions and state of being.

BE PRIME tells us that these circumstances are inconsequential; we can choose to BE whatever we want, whenever we want. This has a powerful impact on groups in chaotic situations and makes you impervious to negative situations. There are four steps to utilizing the BE PRIME:

  1. BE: Acknowledge that at any point in time, you are being some way.
  2. NOTICE: Regularly pause what you are doing and notice how you are being.
  3. CHOOSE: In that moment of noticing, choose any way of being.
  4. BE: Instantly become that chosen way of being.


When groups fall into chaos, choose to BE peaceful. Approach the rest of the group in a peaceful manner and watch others take notice. If you rise above the circumstances, others can follow suit.


People who work at making the BE PRIME a habit will foster a strong sense of self-control. They can enter any situation, no matter how tense or hostile, and instantly change the mood in the room.