We outfit you to take on your biggest challenge – and succeed!

When Change Agents set out to do something big, they are in for tough times. Instead of receiving collegial support, they run into fear of the unknown, mistrust, skepticism – and sometimes outright contempt.

Every leader has felt the effect of these patterns throughout their careers, but our research shows that few leaders have the time or resources to recognize, anticipate, and manage them. Unmanaged, The PRIMES will put any leadership agenda at risk. Master them and The PRIMES become a force that drives date-certain, intended outcomes.

We have created several resources to help you recognize and master The PRIMES and put them to work for you!

  • Outfitting Sessions are designed to help you and your team understand and apply The PRIMES to your specific challenges and opportunities.
  • The PRIMES Videos bring these universal patterns to life – watch and instantly recognize The PRIMES in action.
  • Our Speaking Engagements are interactive conversations that will illuminate The PRIMES that are most relevant to you.
  • Work with our consultants at The Clearing  who are steeped in The PRIMES to design the right support for you and your organization.

Let us share the power of The PRIMES with you and your organization.