Being confused is a state to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Being certain leaves no room for learning. Being confused is the highest state of learning. But in today’s world, being confused is seen as negative. Politicians are coached to give clear and definitive answers when debating. Learning in public is seen as a sign of weakness.

The CONFUSION PRIME makes clear that it is when we are confused that we are most available to learn. And real leaders will always treasure learning. Therefore real leaders value moments of CONFUSION.



Before a group is able to produce POWER, its members have to realize that some of their beliefs are wrong. Through moments of CONFUSION, individuals are able to recognize that the status quo needs to be changed. Once in this state, a group is able to produce transformative solutions to problems.


CONFUSION is the space a person or group must travel through to let go of a flawed belief. Once shed of the flawed belief, they can begin to develop shared perspective, the first step in producing POWER.