Court – Locker Room


Planning the game is not playing the game.



Planning is a near death experience. No game was won while the athletes were developing plans in the locker room. The game is won on the court. COURT – LOCKER ROOM PRIME enables groups to distinguish when they are on the COURT and when they are in the LOCKER ROOM. The LOCKER ROOM can be a valuable place for specific periods of time. But we must never fool ourselves in thinking that planning in a LOCKER ROOM is actually doing anything. Only when we are on the COURT are we committing time, resources, ideas and reputations in order to achieve outcomes.


Groups should constantly ask themselves “Is there anything obvious that we could take on now to get this transformation started?” Never fool yourself into believing it is “too soon” to begin the transformation process. The COURT is the only place where successful groups can make a dent in the universe.


When groups are trying to solve wicked problems, they are operating in dynamic environments. Because there are so many variables to take into account, executing a predetermined plan is difficult and often fruitless. COURT – LOCKER ROOM shows that the best course of action is to spend as much time on the COURT as possible, while making adjustments and changing the game plan in real-time.