A great vision elevates the people that hold it.


To be ennobled is to know you’re part of something big and important. A culture that embodies a deep sense of ENNOBLEMENT inspires people to live boldly in pursuit of extraordinary outcomes.     


Vision is a terrific source of ENNOBLEMENT. A vision that ennobles and empowers people makes clear what the world will be like when it is achieved, and what you and your team will do to make it happen. It can be a powerful ingredient in the CORE PRIME’s To Be state.


Ennobling visions are too big to constrain within a “vision statement.” To motivate action, visions should be so expansive, rich, and textured that they actually crowd out reality. To accomplish this, they must reach beyond the organization and describe in compelling and accessible terms the world that becomes possible when your organization is successful in accomplishing its vision.


How do we build visions that ennoble and empower people? Let’s use the illustration of the ENNOBLEMENT PRIME:

  1. Ask questions and find a vision that motivates you and your team.
  2. Begin on the outer ring by describing the world you intend to create. 
  3. Describe how your team will be in that world. 
  4. Describe how you personally will serve the envisioned world.  
  5. Imagine what you and your organization need to make the vision real. 

Powerful visions answer the question, “What do I stand for?” and provide guidance to everyone in the organization to do the right thing, often without being told what that is. The power of ENNOBLEMENT is self-motivation. People don’t become ennobled by building a company for the company’s sake. They become ennobled when they see themselves as an essential part of a company that is up to something big and wonderful for its community and the world.



Create an ennobling vision with your team but don’t put it on the wall. Carry it with you in every meeting and interaction with the group you seek to inspire. When you observe employees far removed from the halls of decision-making exhibiting pride in the organization and driven by a deep-seated desire to create the world outlined in the company vision, you are witnessing ENNOBLEMENT.



Ennobling visions create a context for daily activities and lend meaning to every process encompassed by the vision, no matter how menial or challenging. ENNOBLEMENT provides direction when the way forward is unclear, unleashing peoples’ creativity and passion for excellence.