Feedback as Caring


FEEDBACK – getting a new perspective – is the lifeblood of learning and mastery.


One of the greatest gifts you give someone is FEEDBACK on how they are occurring to you or what you are noticing about them. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to make it easy for others to give you FEEDBACK. Imagine how wonderful it is to be part of a group that values the giving and receiving of FEEDBACK as an outward expression of love.

Unfortunately, many groups fail to provide direct FEEDBACK to their members. Employees may find it difficult to confront each other and fear that their comments could be construed as harsh criticism rather than an expression of caring. This environment prevents problem solving because people are afraid to speak up to one another when they see an issue.


FEEDBACK is easy to give and get when the right message is given at the right time, to the right person, the right way, and for the right reason. Stop and ask yourself – why am I giving this FEEDBACK? Check in with the person or group to make sure you’re getting all five ‘rights’.


Groups that can create a culture of FEEDBACK AS CARING empower group members to learn and grow with each other. This provides employees a level of comfort with each other that ensures the continuation of a loving, performance-driven environment.