Focus on the fewest, most important, things to do now.



The REDPOINT PRIME is virtually guaranteed to work when leaders, with authority and commitment to date-certain outcomes, clear roadblocks from the path. 


The REDPOINT PRIME is made up of six elements, two of which are also found in the CORE PRIME: As Is and To Be

  1. Initiatives: Regardless of how long we must persist to achieve our To Be, it’s critical to set interim REDPOINTS that can be achieved in six-to-eighteen months. Each REDPOINT should be designed so that its accomplishment is a cause for celebration.
  2. Governance: Leaders with the most to lose must be ready to step in and clear roadblocks for the people managing the initiatives, meeting only when progress is dependent on their intervention, and measuring their success by how quickly issues are resolved.
  3. Communications: A clear narrative, or story, about what’s going on is told to help eliminate resistance from inside and outside the system.
  4. Risk Management: Leaders anticipate risks and intervene proactively to mitigate threats to schedules, quality and costs.

In addition to these core elements of the REDPOINT PRIME, several other principles ensure its success. Most importantly, in a REDPOINT, instead of leaders delegating and helping, they stay out of the way and allow the implementation teams total accountability for project success – until the teams hit a roadblock. At that time, the leaders step in and perform their primary responsibility in a REDPOINT – to clear away the obstruction in order not to jeopardize the project’s date-certain success.


The secret to a REDPOINT success is uncompromising commitment to completion, date-certain. People are amazingly innovative when the due date cannot change.  Because of this, the intense focus of a REDPOINT is impossible to maintain indefinitely and so they must close out within eighteen months, at which time new REDPOINTs must be established to continue to move the strategy forward in the most efficient way possible.



Rather than doing a few things about everything, the most powerful leaders and teams do everything about the fewest, most important things with uncompromising commitment to bring these critical initiatives to completion, date-certain.



Some of the most critical projects in the world become bogged down in their own complexity. Adopting the REDPOINT PRIME methodology guarantees that the shortest and most effective way between the As Is and To Be states are found, exploited and used to create extraordinary results.