Resolution Principles


Ethical dilemmas can’t be avoided, but they can be managed.



When facing any RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemma, choose the most appropriate way forward based on which ethical solution fits the situation.  


You’ll most likely encounter one or more intractable RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemmas tomorrow. Imagine the chaos resulting from mismanaging clashes of values on the path to your declared outcome. The RESOLUTION PRINCIPLES PRIME provides the methods of finding the highest “right” when faced with the toughest choices.


There are only three ways to make the best choice when faced with a RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemma:

  • Ends-based  Select the option that generates the most good for the most people.
  • Rule-based:   Choose as if you’re creating a universal standard.
  • Care-based:   Choose as if you were the one most affected by your decision.


From antiquity to modern times man has been applying one of these principles when resolving RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemmas.


Intractable ethical dilemmas are unavoidable, but you’ll recognize them and help others see them too. You’ll make your team aware of RESOLUTION PRINCIPLES and help them apply the one that best fits any situation. It’s an amazing gift to deliver.



Once you’ve identified an ethical RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemma, lay out your options according to these three RESOLUTION PRINCIPLES. One approach will immediately present itself as the most right. Take it and explain your choice to others.



Making difficult decisions often causes human beings to become argumentative. Providing the people affected by your decision insight into the choices you had – which right path you chose – helps them understand and accept the decision on ethical grounds, even when they do not like the outcome.