People have different motivations; inspire them all.



When the STAKE is stated powerfully, in terms of it’s impact on the Heart, the Head and the WalletCHANGE and TRANSFORMATION become possible. A weakly stated STAKE keeps groups entrenched in the status quo.          


After you’ve enlisted others in bold effort to achieve the extraordinary, questions and doubts arise — all perfectly reasonable — among the same people who heeded your call and pledged their support. STAKE is a key element of the CORE PRIME and it reveals six components of a robust answer to the question, “What’s at STAKE?”


Before any CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION can occur, people must be convinced; therefore, the STAKE must operate on an organizational, community, and personal level. We start by closely examining our powerful STAKE conversation, dissecting the patterns it reveals, and from those revelations we make the case for change.


The STAKE illustration shows three basic ways that people listen:

  • Analytical people listen with their Heads.
  • Emotional people listen with their Hearts.
  • Financially motivated people listen with their Wallets.


When you’re up to something big that requires enrolling a large group, there will be a mix of all three types of people. You must address each of their unique ways of listening.


Powerful STAKE conversations must have negative aspects (what to avoid or PUSH away from) and positive aspects (what people desire and want to PULL toward them). 



When making the case for your vision, you must speak to the Heart, the Head and the Wallet and address the negative aspects of staying put as well as the benefits of moving ahead.



Without a shared agreement of the six dimensions of what’s at STAKECHANGE and TRANSFORMATION are virtually impossible to effect, because some population will be unconvinced that it is necessary or worth the price.