Give your word and keep it – over and over again.



Your trust in another is a function of your experience with that person’s keeping promises. Think of trust as a fluid in a bucket. The bucket fills with trust when people make and keep promises. The bucket drains when people break their promises.

Some people start out new relationships with trust buckets filled. Others start new relationships with trust buckets empty and need to experience promise fulfillment to let the trust bucket get full.

Repeated BREACHES of INTEGRITY make it difficult for the trust bucket to ever get refilled. A full trust bucket is one of the highest valued assets two or more people can share.


Look for opportunities to demonstrate the fact you keep your word—no matter how small or big the request. This displays your integrity, which builds TRUST with others.


TRUST between two or more people means there is no need to worry about someone completing a task or not. Time is no longer wasted checking in on statuses of other employees and guiding them through problems. TRUST keeps the group’s focus entirely on date-certain outcomes.