Trust the Universe

The Universe helps people who live boldly.




Most people envision only to the limits of what they know how to achieve. But when you envision beyond what you know, the Universe reveals all you need to succeed. 


People who envision only what they know how to achieve miss the fact that they can’t possibly know all the resources the Universe has to bring to their aid.  But once they’ve made their DECLARATION  and TRUST THE UNIVERSE they start to notice everything they didn’t know of before they declared, including resources right under their nose, and opportunities that providence appears to bring their way.


The truth about TRUST THE UNIVERSE is there’s no guarantee of success, no matter how bold or noble the declaration. People do get hurt. They risk everything and some lose everything. There are no secret codes, and every revolutionary leader who stands up to regale an audience with “The Formula” for unfettered success, does so in retrospect.


We didn’t land on the Moon without crashing a few rockets. Great leaders agree that failure often provides the most important elements for success.


TRUST THE UNIVERSE isn’t about finding faith and being assured of success. Without a doubt, there are people who put no stock in the Universe and have achieved positions of wealth and notoriety. For a leader, however, ignoring providence and all its potential is not an option. Great leaders struggle with the same challenges, frustrations, doubts, setbacks, and humiliations as everyone else. Leaders understand that, although TRUST THE UNIVERSE holds no guarantees, it makes it possible to get up every morning, start every day, imagine every possibility, create every vision, and, sometimes, achieve the unimaginable.


Consensus is unanimous on one fact: if the Universe doesn’t engage with you, whatever you do won’t matter; therefore, TRUST THE UNIVERSE is a prerequisite to any big leap.



Make your DECLARATION boldly and beyond what you know how to achieve.  TRUST THE UNIVERSE to bring you the resources, insights and opportunities to help you. You may need to refine your declaration periodically to bring more your way.



TRUST THE UNIVERSE ensures that you will only see the resources to help you create what you can envision. Your vision sets your limits, so envision boldly!