Knowing what you want increases your
chances of getting it.



When people agree on where they are starting from, where they are going, how they are going to get there and what is at STAKE, they are acting in COHESION. This is an unnatural phenomenon and requires constant energy to maintain.


COHESION may be one of the most critical elements to manage as a group charges against its challenges. COHESION is present when everyone gives the same answers to the following questions from the CORE PRIME

  1.  “Where are we starting from?”
  2.  “Where are we going?”
  3.  “What do we have to do to get there?”
  4.  "What’s at STAKE if we fail?"


Without investing in COHESION, individuals tend to have slightly, even significantly, different views of their current situation and of the urgency to change. They also have different views of what they’re creating. When these differences prevail, they fragment the group’s focus (FRAGMENTATION) and dissipate its energy. The COHESION PRIME reminds us that people work on different activities and at different intensities. Expect FRAGMENTATION, but drive for COHESION and do whatever it takes, as many times as it takes, to establish it.



When you see groups acting in COHESION you will observe different parts of the organization making aligned decisions and moving in consistent directions. Effective leaders identify areas where coordination and reinvestment in the CORE PRIME will help maintain COHESION, and take action to encourage it.



Without proactive investment in the unnatural act of COHESION, the natural force of FRAGMENTATION will occur and bleed the energy out of any change or transformation initiative and it will fail.