Chase – Lose


Pursuit of meaningful outcomes inspires teamwork and leadership.



Focusing on desired outcomes will surface cultural issues that inhibit high performance. Intervene to eliminate dysfunction for purposes of achieving the desired outcome and you will achieve your goals and more COHESIVE CULTURE at the same time.        


Achieving CULTURE is not an end in itself.


When you focus on Team, Leader, Innovation or CULTURE you rarely accomplish anything.


When you CHASE meaningful outcomes, you have a framework within which to deal with the cultural issues that get in the way and your CULTURE grows to support the achievement of outcomes.


The CHASE – LOSE PRIME reveals three truths that appear counterintuitive:

  • When we CHASE team, we LOSE team.
  • When we CHASE culture, we LOSE culture.
  • When we CHASE leadership, we LOSE leadership.


Rather, we ought to…

  •  CHASE a meaningful outcome.
  •  Deal quickly with whatever puts that outcome at risk.
  •  Achieve the outcomes and establish high performance teams, leaders, and cultures. 


CHASE – LOSE sets the right order to things: 

  1. Answer the call and step up to big challenges.
  2. Enroll others and declare your intentions with INTEGRITY.
  3. Get busy and work as quickly as possible. 
  4. Deal quickly with whatever shows up that threatens success.


The right order ensures that you have an opportunity to be part of a high performance team, experience the profound privilege of leading powerfully, and achieve meaningful outcomes.



What are you CHASING? Outcomes or CULTURE? Focus on outcomes and only deal with the Team, Innovation, CULTURE and Leadership issues that inhibit progress.



Effective teams like accomplishing meaningful outcomes. Don’t waste their energy CHASING things that don’t move the business forward. If you focus on outcomes, you will achieve them, and a more COHESIVE CULTURE at the same time.