Commitment vs. Attachment


 Success is a state of being.



Setting your perspective on COMMITMENT ensures that regardless of how the results of your endeavors manifest, you will persist and create the future based on all the wisdom gained in your previous efforts. To be a successful leader, it is not important that everything you do succeed, only that you do.         


If you are COMMITTED to being successful and relinquish your ATTACHMENT to the outcome, you will achieve success regardless of how the world shows up.


Great leaders do not define success in terms of the external results of their efforts; they know that their COMMITMENT to the effort is what counts most. They let go of their ATTACHMENT to the outcomes even as they pursue them. In so doing, they learn valuable lessons no matter what actually happens, and they use these insights to create their future.


COMMITMENT allows you to define the success of any endeavor in terms of the experience you seek to create for yourself. It allows you to be the way you want to be. It gives you the freedom to take what comes and move on.


When you become ATTACHED to the outcome that others experience, you become vulnerable to their definitions of success and bogged down in their judgments.


The world does not always show up with the results we might want, and if you are ATTACHED to the outcome, you may see in your effort a failure when in fact it contains the seeds of success.



Commit yourself completely to whatever calling you choose to answer. Live full out to achieve it. Take what comes and move on. TRUST THE UNIVERSE and focus on your COMMITMENT in order to succeed every time.



COMMITMENT VS. ATTACHMENT will serve you as much personally as it will in your role as a leader; it makes success possible even when the world delivers what to the outside eye appears as failure.